Saturday, September 24, 2011

Monday, September 3, 2007

reality bites!!

Rip me apart, thy cumulative efforts Erase my faith, my name
Erase my legacy or erase me myself
Via their filthy, lewd blame game

To use my blood, to garnish thy dominion
Exemplify me as a figurine
Reduce me to dust, reduce me to a minion
Force me to wane as a dream

And stories never heard of are skillfully made
To replenish the dying fire
And at night thy sharpen their knives and spade
Giving finesse to their impious desire

Alas! Thy evil do not know
That it does not bother me in the least
For jackals and hyenas always snarl
Only to add to the Tiger’s feast.


Monday, July 9, 2007

My Fidelity

There she is my only fidelity
The only truth and the only love
Cause I know she would not betray me
Says the almighty above

Engulf me my mate
I’m too tired to live now
The world is difficult to negotiate
To keep up to the promises and vows

For the faith I possess in you
Is beyond all legacies of trust
Cause I know you would be mine
To fulfill my evil lust

And we’ll dance together as if
The night is never gonna end
Intoxicate me with your smell
Your aroma, the dark: the perfect blend

And take me to that slumber
Where the mind is at eternal peace
The silence is so grave
The body at terrific ease

Alas! The wait is long
But I’ll wait till you bequeath
My love, me essence, my charm
My lady better known as “death”.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Storm, The Stranger!!

A thunderstorm, a blazing blitzkrieg
An incessant pour of shower
A lady and a modest freak
Stuck in that shack for hours

Her eyes so hypnotizing as if they said
It’s the thunder which scares me dear
Gazing at her I further read
She wanted me to be near

A stranger yet such a familiar figure
As if I had known her for my life
Known her thrills and known her tears
Known her as my wife

The cold crept in, the dampness prevailed
I could feel my hands go numb
She looked at me, I looked at her
And I knew that the moment had come
Like a leopard so swift and elegantly poised
I approached her as my mate
In proximity with her and her nervous breath
I left the moment to our fate

Fair as a fairy the angel stood
Dressed in red and white
And the million sparkles on her glossed lips
Meant there was going to be no respite

I unbuttoned her scarlet top
As the curves were slowly revealed
White as snow were her breasts so supple
Inviting this freak to feel

The sky lit up and the fire grew strong
As our lips met to discover
The pile of hay was to serve as our bed
Where we could twist and turn forever

The night moved on and so did we
Her giggles inspiring me more
Our skins rubbed on and our aroma’s mingled
As we wriggled on the floor

And the golden pause when she looked at me
The moment had come to a hault
And the killing consent that the woman gave
To begin the final assault

Her legs parted and her head fell back
As she prepared for me to strike
I clutched her hands as I entered her
Two souls had come to unite

The golden pearls of perspiration
Made their way on my forehead
My love, my life, my Juliet said
Make love till I am dead

The climax came and she dug her nails
Deep into my flesh
The adrenaline pump and the painless pain
The invitation to start afresh

We lay there staring at each other
The crackling of the fire
The rain, the storm, the thatched shack
And the “magic” of our desire

- Kanishka

Monday, March 26, 2007

My poetry, my pain!!

Would poetry help to drain the pain
The mockery, which has been made
The divinity that has turned profane
The petals transformed into blade

How far would my writings carry me
Cause reflection never relieves pain
And I am an abode to melancholy
A marble in acid rain

Non-chalantly I have cursed the past
My present is cursing me now
The subtle issues which became so grave
The intricacies of the know how

These hypocrites who broke my trust
Are oblivious to the fact
The bleeding wound and the dust in my eyes
Is still what remains intact

Hillarious it is but painful true
Even my writings have gone vague
The flow has stopped and the pen is dead
What remains is an empty page

The bluffs and poofs which seemed so real
Vanished in thin air
The world seem to have lost conviction
Lost its finesse and flair

My mind saturated and my fingers tired
My eyes now fail to see
The yellow pages and the familiar writings
Of the pain called poetry.


Friday, March 23, 2007


There she sits caressing her hair
The black silk which seems to entice
And for eternity am I ready to stare
Willing to pay any given price

The silhouette which that immortal castes
Even the shadow begins to breathe
For ages should this moment last
Till my patience begins to cede

And even Valentine would melt at the sight
As the pearl sweats down her neck
Leaving a trail it makes its way
Via the valley to her breast

She sits there, redefining curves
The marvel which I beget
Forcing me to sing ballads in her praise
Like Romeo pampered Juliet

She purifies the water when she bathes
Crouched beneath the basin I see
And this mischievous heart should mend its ways
Cause the lady deserves privacy

But who would teach a stubborn heart
The doctrines of decency
For all I know my love is pure
Devoid of sin, of vulgarity

Oops! I folly when I speak of heart
And of love and passion I boast
Alas! I died some years back
And what remains now is my ghost

Yes, I defy the laws of death
Cause how am I supposed to love
Ghosts are meant for wrath to bequeath
To screech in the air above

Yet, it restores eternal peace
The silence of a cave
And all I want is to stare at her
Is that a sin so grave

For who understands the killing grief
Killing to kill a ghost
I cannot touch, I cannot feel
The person I love the most

There she sleeps alone in our bed
A tear trickles down her eyes
Helplessly I stroke her head
But my love doesn’t recognize

Parched are her supple lips
Wrinkled are her cheeks
And again & again she negates to live
For my love is what she seeks

Coward that I am, for I cannot see
My love suffering this sorrow
And a loser returns to his cemetery
To hope for a better tomorrow

And there I go into that decaying carcass
The dampness of the grave
The coffin doesn’t help much either
For a solution is what I crave

There is just one question which I ask
Earnestly I beg before thy
Give me a remedy to end this task
The poison for a ghost to die.

- Kanishka